Andi Teran’s debut novel Ana of California modernizes Anne of Green Gables (Interview)

While at the El Paso Times for a summer internship, I received a call from Stella Gutierrez, who said her daughter-in-law went to high school with Andi Teran, a budding author and who recently had her debut novel Ana of California, a modern adaptation of Anne of Green Gables, published in late June. Gutierrez suggested that I give Teran a call. After all, Teran is an El Paso native, so getting in touch with her and possibly writing a story about her debut novel and early success would be a good idea for a local newspaper to put out. Well, I did just that. I phone interviewed with Andi Teran on Wednesday August 5, 2015. Below is a transcript of the interview (little edited I promise). The questions reflect the overall response, though some of them I did actually ask. Enjoy the read.

I also wrote a story on her debut for the El Paso Times.

Before UIL integration, there was the Prairie View Interscholastic League

By Chris Caraveo, soulciti.com July 22, 2014

It has been 44 years since the Prairie View Interscholastic League (PVIL) last governed high school sports teams. Yet former student-athletes are still being recognized for the paths they paved for today’s generation. Prior to the desegregation of UIL in 1965, PVIL was the governing body for all black high school student activities.

Read more at soulciti.com

Daytona 500 Champion lands in Austin

By Chris Caraveo

Dale Earnhardt, Jr.—winner of Sunday’s Daytona 500—stopped in Austin for the first time in his life on Tuesday and received a huge welcome from the city’s fans.

The Texas capital was not the only destination for Earnhardt, Jr. on the day. He spent the morning on several ESPN shows in Bristol, Conn. such as SportsCenter and Mike & Mike. By the afternoon he landed in Austin and arrived at Scholz Garten to speak with the media and fans.

Read More Here

The things they heard: Karen Crouse and humanity in sports reporting

By Chris Caraveo- Reporting Sports Blog

The British Open had just concluded. Phil Mickelson won the tournament after he entered the day five strokes behind Lee Westwood and birdied four of his last six holes.

After Lefty was declared the winner, a crowd of reporters gathered around him to discuss his first win at the Open. Other journalists surrounded Tiger Woods, who has not won a major since the 2008 U.S. Open.

Missing from the crowd was Karen Crouse, a sports reporter from The New York Times. You could find her talking with Jim Mackay – “Bones,” they call him –Mickelson’s caddy for the last 21 years. While her colleagues interviewed the big names, Crouse pursued a story on Bones, who moments before was crying into Mickelson’s shoulder.

His post-Open victory emotions were the story of the day.

Elizabeth Begley set for season

By Chris Caraveo- Daily Texan

Elizabeth Begley waits in anticipation of senior day, when her family and friends will come to celebrate her time at Texas. If not for her parents who supported her, that day may have never been in her sight.

Addison all about the team despite individual success

By Chris Caraveo- Daily Texan

The streak is alive, but even if it ends soon, Breaunna Addison will keep on moving.

Last weekend, Addison, a freshman at Texas, won her tenth consecutive singles match in a bout against Boston University on Sunday — a match, she said, that gave her all she could handle.


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