Rockin’ Bones show off new clothing for the Halloween season

The night of ghosts is creeping up on us this October. It’s that time of year when people dress up in their own fashion to partake in the electrifying festivities of a Halloween evening.

As people get ready to celebrate that night, they keep in mind all that could go haywire if they don’t pay attention to their actions. Their search for the best costume to show off at parties is an adventurous one. The hope is that their costume will gain recognition and they themselves will gain popularity among the masses.

Despite this need for an extravagant costume, it may be in one’s favor to play it safe and choose an outfit that won’t get you too noticed and keep you safe while you traverse the streets of darkness. Numerous custom clothing retailers provide
such attire to ensure a Halloween-friendly atmosphere.
Shengmii Shirley poses as part of the Rockin’ Bones Fashion of the Living Dead show. Rockin’ Bones depends on its models to possess the right look to provide authenticity in its designs.
Rockin’ Bones, a custom clothing retailer headquartered in Austin, devotes its resources towards creating clean-looking costumes, especially for children, while still appearing trendy to everyone around. The retailer bases its clothing on 1980’s horror movies that its two owners, married couple Robert and Kendra Jimison, watched while they were growing up.
Crystal Green displays a Halloween-friendly outfit at the Rockin’ Bones fashion show. The retailer provides customers with appealing clothing that is hand-made “D.I.Y.” (do-it-yourself) in the United States.
Kendra Jimison said that an important aspect of appealing to its customers is through direct contact.

“We personally interact with our customers on social networking sites, so they know that when they are talking to Rockin’ Bones, they’re speaking directly to the designers.”

Part of the Rockin’ Bones business involves promoting their designs at fashion shows. The retailer held the Fashion of the Living Dead fashion show October 13 in front of a lively crowd at Austin’s Guzu Gallery on North Lamar. Prior to 2012, Rockin’ Bones apparel appeared only in collaborative fashion shows, leaving the retailer with a small role in producing the shows.

“We had little to say in the planning, casting or even the selection of our own wardrobe,” Robert Jimison said. “This will be our second small solo show this year.”

Lisa dances while showing off Rockin’ Bones apparel in front of a crowd at Fashion of the Living Dead fashion show.

Robert said the freedom of being in command allows him and Kendra to easily plan the show and invite the models that they want, including those from their first show and from their web catalog at

The models at Rockin’ Bones maintain strict requirements imposed by Robert and Kendra in order for their clothing to appear authentic to customers.

“We choose models based on a number of variables,” Kendra said. “Their look has to fit within our artistic vision and it also must be a look that has historically sold our products.”
Charlotte embodies the look sought after by owners Robert and Kendra, featuring mystique and intimidation through the use of makeup around the eyes.
According to their website, the artistic vision that Robert and Kendra look for in their models entails the models being familiar with punk, metal and/or garage rock music and knowledge of a variety of horror movies.

The fashion show displayed the Jimison’s artistic vision. The faces of the models displayed mystique as well as intimidation, the kind of appearance seen in most punk and metal bands. Most costumes also display these characteristics as both children and adults attempt to scare off their competition while trick-or-treating.

(From left to right): Darla Doherty, Daley Catherine and Lacey Starr display the looks required by Rockin’ Bones owners Robert and Kendra Jimison, which entails a punk-rock/metal-style look and attitude.

People celebrate Halloween in a variety of ways. It is a time that “brings out the kid in you,” according to Kendra, referring to the older crowd who still enjoy dressing up for the occasion. When people can dress up as someone or something else for an evening, one can be sure that this night will be filled with an excitement that makes it one of the most entertaining
holidays of the year.

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