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NASCAR accelerates growth for Ahwatukee’s Gannis


Badolato helps Suns teeth shine


Cronkite Sports on Fox Sports Arizona


Former Mercury star Gillom and Xavier reunite after five years apart

Student combat bullying as Mercury’s Bass shares experience

Spring Training

MLB’s pace of play changes won’t affect concession sales


More Spring Training

Super Bowl

LED light to make Super Bowl debut


PIN Bureau

Helping Cronkite News Sports with story on the Coyotes

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Coyotes subreddit gives Cronkite News a shout out

Link to PIN Multimedia article

Overview thoughts on PIN

  • emphasized engagement (listening to the community)
  • changed how I will think about looking for story ideas (asking people about their day)
  • queries were hit or miss (TWE huge, CN not as great)
  • building headlines (SEO) and asking the right questions